Donate and give a chance for a better future to a refugee or a migrant! No matter how much you can put aside, a little can mean a lot to a vulnerable person.

Donate any amount of money in lei using the accounts:

For euros you can donate to the account:

You can help ARCA by redirecting your income tax

You too can show civic spirit. Together we are better, stronger and braver. Together we can bring about a change for the better in our society, that’s why we need more people like you. It redirects income tax and helps ARCA fulfill its mission. It doesn’t cost you anything, that money goes to ARCA from the tax you already owe to the Romanian state.

Complete the form here.

You can fill out the form yourself. Download it from here, fill it out and send it to office@arca.org.ro

Can I help in other ways?

Of course. You can help ARCA yourself, be an ARCA volunteer and get directly involved in activities related to migrants and refugees.

Moreover, you can even offer a job to a migrant or a refugee. You can help him integrate himself. We believe that offering a job is a very good way to facilitate integration into Romanian society.

Complete one or both forms and a member of the ARCA team will contact you to set up the details.