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  We are dedicated to facilitating the integration of refugees and migrants into Romanian society. Integration on the labor market is part of integration into society, you can help a refugee to integrate, it offers a job and you offer the chance for an easier integration.

   Romania is currently facing a large number of refugees from Ukraine who are looking for a job based on their qualifications and experience. In other words, there is a language barrier, but your openness is extremely valuable.

Give a job - we help each other

   The labor market in Romania is constantly dynamic. Some fields may have a labor surplus while others have a shortage. In other words you can use the opportunity to hire a refugee to get rid of the labor shortage problem. How can you do that? Simply by filling out the form below.

We meet the needs and demands of the labor market

From our surveys, people from Ukraine are looking for:
* online jobs and/or part-time jobs (especially mothers with children in care)
* full time jobs in fields such as, but not limited to: HoReCa, commercial sector, marketing, IT, accounting/financial/banking, education, medical sector (including complementary or alternative medicine), real estate, architecture, construction, manufacturing industry, administrative services, support services.

ARCA offers free services

We want to facilitate access to the labor market for foreign citizens with the right to work in Romania. Above all, for us, the interest of our beneficiaries comes first. Thus we work directly with both project beneficiaries and companies, ARCA offering services consisting of legal and professional advice, language courses and workshops on various topics.

Offer a job

"I want to offer a job but I don't know the legal provisions"

We can help you with information on this. This way we can make the best decision together both for you and for those who are looking for a job. Completing the form does not in itself imply any contractual obligation. It is only an initial step in completing the hiring process.

After filling out the form, a member of the ARCA team will contact you shortly to set up the details.

If you can offer several jobs in several fields, describe each offer on a separate line
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Arca: Parteneri si Finanțatori - Kindernorhilfe Finanțator -

    ARCA thanks, in this way, the kindness of the sponsor, Kindernothilfe, to extend a helping hand to the refugees from Ukraine who want to find a job. We believe that integration into the labor market is a catalytic factor in the integration of migrants and refugees into society.

"I want to help but I can't offer a job"

You can lend a helping hand to a migrant or a refugee and otherwise, also through ARCA. The desire to help is important, we are an NGO and we count on the help of those with a civic spirit.


Be a volunteer

You can become an ARCA volunteer and get directly involved in activities related to helping migrants and refugees.



You can help a refugee or migrant by making a donation or redirecting part of your income tax to ARCA.