In nature we become more energetic, more creative, more curious, because it is an unparalleled source for experiential learning!

   Nature helps us find peace, because it generously offers us color, harmony and comfort, it also stimulates our experiential learning. Outside the home or study classes we become more intuitive. This is because we no longer live only with the mind and body but also with the soul.

    The ARCA team puts individual needs first. We wish for the participants of the Arca’s Club for Ukrainian mother and children project, financed by KNH, to feel in harmony with themselves and with everything that surrounds them.

    A study has shown that just by looking at the color green, our inventiveness increases. Nature, therefore, improves our focus and can reduce our stress.
   Basically, nature has provided us with a new space for learning Romanian and English, creating positive experiences for the participants of ARCA’s Club for Ukrainian mother and children.

Experiential learning

   The organization of integrated actions in the Village Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Children’s Town, Cișmigiu Park have brought multiple benefits.

   In addition to the relaxing walk and stories about the history of the place, the Romanian and English language classes, outside the four walls of the classroom, were based on experiential learning. Didactic materials from nature were used, also drawing on practical life experiences. Adjectives and nouns learned only in textbooks have been found here in their perfect form.
During the experiential learning process, the student gets involved actively, interactively, collaboratively. Thus the learner asks questions, investigates, experiments, becomes curious, develops creativity and critical thinking.

    The benefits of these integrated activities are significant both pedagogically and physically, psychologically and socially.

     Children, but also adults connected with nature, socialized, had fun, learned, collaborated better in this environment.
    So the quality of learning has increased. At the same time, the well-being established both in children, adults and teachers, was felt at the end of each day spent outdoors.