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The new European pact on migration has been approved

What does the new European migration pact mean for Romania?

"I don't think the Romanian state will want to pay"

The European Parliament narrowly approved the new European rules on migration and asylum on Wednesday, April 10.

Among the criticisms brought by the organizations that deal with the rights of migrants is the possibility of European states paying to not have to take in people on their territory – through the so-called annual solidarity fund. 

The professional associations that spoke with Ziare.com say that there are aspects to be clarified, but it would seem that the “price” per refugee is 20,000 euros.

Răzvan Samoilă, the director of Arca Forumul Roman for Refugees and Migrants, is of the opinion that Romania would choose to take in people, instead of paying, within the limits of the national capacity.

We care about refugees and migrants

Invited to the Punctul Critic show, on TVR, our executive director, Răzvan Samoila, emphasized once again the need to support foreign workers. We believe that foreign workers must be treated with dignity. Above all, if we are discussing migrants or refugees, we must not forget that they are already in a difficult situation.

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