Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations to be able to reach our goal, and also we count on help of our partners and financiers

ARCA is grateful for the generosity of our partners and sponsors, collaborators and to all those who were kind enough to lend a helping hand. Together we can offer a better future and especially living conditions worthy of a human being for refugees and migrants from Romania.

Last but not least, Arca thanks the partners who joined our effort to unconditionally help refugees and migrants who sought shelter on the territory of Romania and the European Union

Current Partners

Join our cause

You can lend a helping hand to a migrant or a refugee and otherwise, also through ARCA. The desire to help is important, we are an NGO and we count on the help of those with a civic spirit.


Be a volunteer

You can become an ARCA volunteer and get directly involved in activities related to helping migrants and refugees.



You can help a refugee or migrant by making a donation or redirecting part of your income tax to ARCA.