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Arca is here for you.

Having the experience of yesterday you can offer the support for tomorrow, because today has become an opportunity for us not to know and to offer you the support you need in the process of your integration.

Get involved too

Choose to be involved, offer a helping hand!

Employee a refugee or migrant

You too can help a refugee or a migrant, offer him a job and help him integrate quickly and easily into the labor market and the community.

Be a volunteer

Join the ARCA cause and become a volunteer of our project, you have the opportunity to help a person to integrate more easily.


You too can lend a helping hand to a refugee or a migrant, donate and give them the opportunity to have a better tomorrow than today.

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Arca - News

Ukraine now

Ukraine Now

Ukraine Now – Transffering skills în an emergency context During 5 to 8 September ARCA...
Arca's club keep going

Arca’s club keep going

Arca’s club keep going Thanks to our sponsor, Kindernothilfe, Arca’s Club keeps going with a...

Survey to find out the needs of migrants

Survey on what people fleeing conflict need in Romania In April and July, ARCA launched...

Necessary steps in integration

NECESSARY STEPS IN INTEGRATION Brief overview of good practices on post-pandemic education and employment for...

Areas of activity

ARCA supports refugees and migrants

You too can get help. Arca is a NGO who offers support in the relationship with the local or government administration

Don’t be afraid and don’t be ashamed to ask for help. We are an NGO that helps migrants and refugees since 1998. We can offer you support for a better relationship with institutions in Romania. Regardless of whether we are talking about the central administration or the local administration. In other words don t be afraid to contact us.

In addition, we have created a special page for you to give you access to valuable information.

We understand that it is difficult for you as a refugee or migrant, even more difficult to find a job, however you must not give up.


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