Promoting the image of third-country nationals
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Promoting the image of the third-country nationals

Promoting the image of third-country nationals in Romania and effective solutions for their integration into Romanian society Principal Applicant ARCA – Forumul Român pentru Refugiați și Migranți General Program: “Solidarity and management of migratory flows”, Annual Program 2011-2013 Implementation period July 2012 – June 2015 Promoting the image of third-part nationals is a process meant to make public society responsible and also to inform it. We want to bring to society’s attention aspects related to the problems that migrants and refugees may face. We want to do this to make their cause better understood.   General objective of the project is to facilitate the integration of third country-nationals (RTT) with the right of residence in Romania. The objective is to be achieved by providing socio-economic and educational assistance. Last but not least, we want to take into account the improvement and especially the promotion of the image of these people in Romanian society. Promoting the image of the third-country nationals      Also, Romanian language courses will be organized, vocational courses aimed at learning professional skills, starting to use the computer, priority assistance for vulnerable cases (old people, children, women, single-parent families, people with disabilities, etc.). The project aims to facilitate access to the labor market and to a home. Above all it aims to facilitate education and to the knowledge of the Romanian language thus contributing. But last but not least, it aims at a better integration of these people into Romanian society. In conclusion, we believe that this project can make an essential contribution to the integration process of migrants and refugees.

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